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Submit a Manuscript

Dear Author,

Jewish Children’s Book Club is a brilliant, innovative way to publish and market Jewish children’s books. In conjunction with Torah Umesorah,  JCBC markets directly to Jewish families by offering children an opportunity to purchase a wide variety of soft-cover books through the Torah Umesorah schools.

But what makes this model unique is the print-on-demand technology. Books will be printed upon being ordered, so there is no up-front printing cost or warehousing cost. The author holds the copyright and sets his/her own book price, thereby deciding how much profit he will make on each sale!

Here’s how it works:

Author submits a manuscript.

We’re looking for:

  • Original Stories
  • Based on Orthodox Judaism and Torah values
  • Suitable for ages 4-14, grades K-8
  • Quality fiction/non-fiction/ humor/biography/historical fiction/contemporary literature/holocaust/Jewish thought/children’s activities/educational and parenting books

Manuscripts should be submitted as a file attachment by e-mail in a common format, such as .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) or .doc (Word). All submissions should include a cover letter with full contact information (including e-mail address, mailing address, and phone number) and a short author biography.  

Upon meeting the standards of Torah Umesorah, and being accepted as a JCBC book, the author then has two options:


  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Book Design
  • Cover Design
  • Illustration

JCBC offers everything you need to self-publish your book. (Details on cost of services determined based on amount of work to be done.)


Author prepares book independently and submits camera ready material for approval. Once the book is finished and approved, it will be added to the JCBC catalog which is distributed in Torah Umesorah schools, and available on our website.

Authors will be required to list their book exclusively with JCBC for one year from catalog publication date and allow JCBC to distribute on their behalf. After that, they can choose to continue their author-member status, or market the book on their own. The copyright remains exclusively with the author!

This is a tremendous opportunity for authors who are looking for a new way to produce and distribute their Orthodox children’s or parenting books instead of through the traditional publishing industry.

For further information or to submit a manuscript, email The Jewish Children’s Book Club at

What’s it like to work with JCBC?BC?

"JCBC provides professional expertise leading to a streamlined and pleasurable publishing experience. It was a joy to work with JCBC!" – Bracha Goetz

It has always been my dream to publish a book and now, with the help of JCBC, that dream is boruch Hashem coming true! The process has been enjoyable and JCBC has held my hand every step of the way! – Peshie Needleman

"I'm proud and pleased that "The Growing Tree" is included in the JCBC catalogue.  How good it is that children in Jewish day schools across America have a choice of worthwhile, fun, and affordable, all approved by Torah Umesorah….

Working with JCBC was a pleasure.  The book's pictures are by a JCBC artist and perfectly illustrate a child's pride and delight when he is introduced to mitzvos with love and patience." – Judith Mesch 

I enjoy working with JCBC immensely! This is the first time someone seems to be working quicker than me… The staff is so dedicated it seemed to me at first that my book was an only "child". I'm so happy to be part of this new endeavor and I'm looking forward to seeing my next book published by JCBC! – Mindy Rafalowitz

I have had many short stories and articles printed in several publications, but this will be my first book. I had in fact written this book a number of years ago when I was still in high school, and now with the help of JCBC it's coming to life. Working with JCBC has truly been a pleasure.  – Chevy Kepecs

It has been a pleasure working with The Jewish Children’s Book Club on my book, Kayla Baked a Hundred Cupcakes. It is my first book, and my JCBC contact, Reva, is patient and clear. She is encouraging and has a nice sense of humor that keeps things going. I have also found Reva very open to suggestions in lay out and illustrations and very willing to make editing changes. A pleasure to work with and made my first book a wonderful experience! -- H.R. Lederfeind

Thank you for being the catalyst to providing an Aliyas Neshama for my father (by publishing my book in his memory.). Your dedication, enthusiasm and consummate professionalism all helped to make what I only dreamed of into a reality  This book was written six years ago, and submitted to at least 20 Jewish publishers. None of them took it, because as you put it, it wasn't didactic. I kept waiting for Hashem to show me the right time and the right person. Baruch Hashem it seems that the time was right and the person was right !!!!!..... With... appreciation. Chaya Sarah Stark